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2020 - Stay Negative

2020 - Stay Negative
Über dieses Album:
With the album „2020 Stay Negative“ I would like to say thank you to all of you guys here on Wikiloops. This place and you people living at this place are so unique and wonderful! - Is there any other internet site where people are at the same time that creative, musically talented, open to others, versatile and FRIENDLY? I love you guys .. really .. and you helped a lot to understand 2020 not only as a bad year or a lost year, but always look for the positive. For me during 2020 and most probable during half of 2021 still there are two super important things to keep in mind. 1st: Stay negative 2nd: stay positive! Thank you loopers - this family helps a lot!! Offfocus erstellt von Offfocus on 01/04/2021

Daumen: 7
Hörer: 134 x

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Feeding my Soul


Review von Wade am 01/06/2021

This is such wonderful music, some of which I'd missed the first time around. So good to hear Pat's talent displayed in an album where we can hear the diversity of his musicianship and fine vocals.

Wundervolles Album


Review von wjl am 01/04/2021

Und ein direkter Download :) Danke daß ich dabei sein durfte, fühle mich geehrt :)

2021-Stay Negative & plays on Wikiloops, the BIG RESET is not finished yet


Review von JeanPaul66 am 01/04/2021

I have listened very carefully to all the tracks and they are beautiful, congratulations to all the artists and congratulations to you Pat, I like to hear your voice also in German..."to-to-to!"...cool! My favorite?...there isn't...they are all beautiful! Beautiful words, from Pat, in the album info

a fantastic album...


Review von slin am 01/16/2021

a really fantastic collection of songs Patrik and thanks for let me join here.;)
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"Gracias a todos por ayudarme a ser mejor músico =) Thanks you all for helping me to be a better muscician"

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