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Wikifunk Pt.1

Wikifunk Pt.1
Über dieses Album:
Some of the many funk tracks I've enjoyed creating or adding to. I've always loved funk and the sheer talents of the players on here never, ever ceases to amaze and impress me.

The album opens with my favourite loop of all time.mpointon erstellt von mpointon on 12/22/2015

Daumen: 14
Hörer: 2543 x

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Best man in town!


Review von Andel am 09/14/2016

An infinite source of musical ideas, Unbelievable!
Very professional, every tone great music!


So good....


Review von PaulBOwens am 08/31/2016

...it a pleasure listening to this album. And a real testimony to the talent and collaboration, creativity here. I am truly blown away!

The man with his magic stick


Review von aleonz am 12/25/2015

He is like a Harry Porter in music world, with one avaracadabra! and he put the magic with his drums and your head under his spell!
this is a funkeeeeeh album Martin! Mannnn I love this album!

Thank you for your music! always a great pleasure and FUN to play with you and these guys!


Ah yeah!


Review von Marceys am 12/24/2015

Way cool Martin

Thanks a lot for these rides!


Groove on the move


Review von Tofzegrit am 12/22/2015

What a Bomb :)



Review von Richfender am 08/08/2017

Wow, what a great collection!Sounds so professional , real pleasure to listen! Perfect job from everybody :)

Drummer extraordinaire


Review von axenvocs am 08/08/2017

Oh ya man awesome stuff enjoyed
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