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Wikidrum Templates by mpointon

Wikidrum Templates

Wikidrum Templates
Über dieses Album

A collection of the 13 most-popular drum templates I've done, in descending order of popularity.

Hope they're useful to someone. The count-ins have been kept.

The album cover features a very important drum kit to me. The kit in the photo is *the* kit used by Mel Gaynor on Simple Mind's 'Street Fighting Years' tour. One of my outright drumming heroes and the video - Live In Verona - I wore out watching over and over again.

I lusted after this kit for years and years. It is a Pearl MLX in Liquid Amber. I dreamed of being on that stage playing this kit. And then I found the actual one for sale in my favourite drum shop. Sadly, I didn't the £2500 laying around to buy it. Gutted.

I hope you enjoy the album. mpointon erstellt von mpointon on 27.12.2015

Daumen: 18
Hörer: 3091 x


Need more skillets in the kitchen!


Review von Tofzegrit am 27.12.2015

Here is the master alone with his instrument!
Nice skills, playing and overall "Sounding"

Another example of what "sharing" means: give others the best of yourself, think about giving before receiving.

Thank you for the time spent for us Martin !

The Magic Drums


Review von aleonz am 30.12.2015

This is a very useful album for many musicians to play with, hey I'm a singer..and with Martin Drums, i can made a song, he have that special skill to pull out your creativity out from your head, and I sometimes can listen and enjoy to his stand alone drums for hours, and well I use some of his track to practice my poor bass play. Thank you for being here Martin!


Cool drummer


Review von Marceys am 29.12.2015

We are so lucky to have you on the Loops Martin! You always give a track what it needs, you have that specialty to get into a track and lift it way up!
Not only if you jump into an excisting track (and I can imaging that is what a drummer loves mostly) but also your new templates are way cool for other musicians to jump into!

Thank you for all your great music and hope to make a lot more good tracks with you!


Kickin the drum machine to the curb


Review von Geistbaum am 14.07.2016

As a hobbyist I've only had the chance to play with live drummers a couple times otherwise I'm practicing along with the drum machine which is good but rather sterile and can contribute to my getting stuck in a rut. These drum tracks are a breath of fresh air. So grateful that you put this out here for us. It's really gonna help me take my playing to the next level and help get stuff out when I have creative constipation. Many thanks and keep on jammin..

Will download this one


Review von onewholeft am 29.12.2015

This will be great for practicing my bass with Good work and thanks

Just what I needed


Review von Woxbox am 06.03.2023

Thanks to the Wikiloops crew for bringing this back to the front page. What a treasure trove of beats.

Great drummer


Review von Krasimir am 05.03.2023

I was wondering why i missed this album and now noticed that it is fron 7 years ago. Anyhow great drumtracks which can get new life...

'bout time!


Review von kimbo am 09.08.2017

Great source of great drumming.

Top Drawer!


Review von piper am 20.08.2016

Always at the top of your game Martin! Thank you for all the great drums tracks and collaborations!

Piper :)


Review von ivax am 18.06.2016

Fantastic Martin :)

Fantastic Drum Templates


Review von R1772 am 18.06.2016

A big thank you, Martin, for these fantastic drum templates, which are very inspiring for creating songs.High quality not only by playing and feel but also by sound.Some commercial drum loops are hard to handle in the mix. Cymbals too loud compared to the rest and so on. This way one is busy with sound tweaking instead of composing and arranging. Martin´s drum templates cannot compare with commercial collections: Martin´s are much better!:-)))

Terrific Drum Work


Review von NewbieSax am 18.06.2016

These are some amazing beats. It feels like Christmas. Perfect for riding my bike with some earbuds.
Great song templates!!!!
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