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My Day...

My Day...
Über dieses Album:
My 2nd Album.
Thanks to all Friends who have helped out my templates to make real songs! Also thanks to Paulus, who was mixed in by Basster on "Replay Jeans! Replay Time!" and TG, who was mixed in by Uloisius on "With Urft in my thoughts" Thanks Folks!!adu erstellt von adu on 03/05/2016

Daumen: 19
Hörer: 2763 x

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Adu great riff man


Review von axenvocs am 06/20/2017

Man you come up with great templates always enjoy our jams and keep them on the Mp3 player great tracks and glad to be in here too

adu is...


Review von Keiton am 04/11/2016

Sometimes I jealous of his talent. Really he is a great composer. He is one of the ideal type for me. Which song is here also the gems.

--Keiton Arvelaiz

je aime musik ce ca


Review von earlsteven am 03/10/2016

this is for checkup....

A cool compilation of wikiloops tracks :)


Review von OliVBee am 03/08/2016

i like the way your playing is flowing ! you make it sound easy and that's the sign of an accomplished musician ;)

His Day!


Review von Tofzegrit am 03/06/2016

these different moods take part in the daily ingredients that's sure !
A good collection Adu, merci.

Der zweite Streich ;o)


Review von Uloisius am 03/06/2016

Sehr schönes Album adu, ist mir eine Ehre das du mich mit drauf genommen hast ;o)

song that will stick to your ears


Review von aleonz am 03/06/2016

One thing that amaze me from Adu's music is his ability to pick the chords and composed it into one song that will easily catch the ears and it will stick and play in your head over and over, for me self,, his song always brought my young teenager poppies rock side, and it's so so cool! very great compilation here Adu!


Just Great !;)


Review von incivanpico am 03/06/2016

You Adu create music I enjoy a lot Buddy!...Diebels!!!Ja genau!. Well done m8! ;)
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