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Me and My Guitar by DannyK

Me and My Guitar

Me and My Guitar
Über dieses Album

This is a selection of some of my six-string contributions here on the 'loops. I hope you hear some you hadn't heard before - and that you enjoy them! Thanks to all of the great musicians I accompanied. DannyK erstellt von DannyK on 19.08.2016

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Review von sgorumlu am 24.08.2016

awesome album...

Fantastic Album


Review von PJE am 22.08.2016

What a great collection of songs from Danny showcasing some of what is best about the sharing that goes on here on the loops

with a selection of some really great musicians....its an honour to be included thank you


Super Cool Album !


Review von aleonz am 22.08.2016

I've been listening this album while I worked this morning,
and this great collection really give such a great feeling,
it's an excellent mood booster.

So glad to be part of this wonderful album Danny!


Cool collection!


Review von Marceys am 21.08.2016

Hey Danny!

Enjoyed the track very much, great to hear them again!

Thanks for sharing this and cool to be on this album!



Way of expression


Review von Tofzegrit am 13.09.2016

From 4 to 6 !
It was a so nice surprise to hear you on guitar the first time and yes I claim "you are great on 6 too"
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When I first seen this site I just could not believe the things you could do with other musicians, gone from strength to strength and its all dong to everyone as great musicians, long may it continue.
tron12 from Ireland

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