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Oi, Ola, Hello and Hi

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Not new but a new name. Moor Noki

Well not a new name also but it is new on this website.

My first account was called 'Djev' and the files are still there.. luckily.

I've deleted my facebook page and then couldn't log in to Djev, not even with retreating a password. I think it's because it was all linked to my fb page. None the less I made a new account in the first place to contact Dick about it. But since my whole new music life spins around Moor Noki than it spins about Djev I decided to just leave things as they are.

So I stick with this account... :D


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Welcome to the wiki
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welcome from me too :)
RockinĀ“ in a free world !
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Thank you Rick and Adu :)
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