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Lyrics first

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Hey loopers!
I love the new functions on this site. I wondered whatelse could make Wikiloops even more awesome...It got me thinkin about how some musicians would write lyrics after the music has been created, yet I know a lot of musicians write the words first then write the music (Elton John for example). It would be neat if some how we could upload lyrics..and then see who would like to compose the music. Any feedback on this idea welcome!
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Cool idea!
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Cool idea, I guess you could simply upload the lyrics in the musicians forum "Song Lyrics looking for music" or similar,and then sit back and wait. Would be interesting to see what comes out of it :)
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Like that idea maybe it could be added. Or just sing it and come up with music to the song that was sung. That way all the singers could try their hand at singing the lyrics.

Cool Idea
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I agree with all before! Nice idea :)
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I think it needs very intimate souls to write a good song with an emotional message. Distance does not matter of course... :)

A song needs a hook-line like "I am here for you". Something you can't forget...

In most cases a composer can't create a hook-line without the music at the same time.

Of course the other two ways could be possible but it could be more difficult...
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Hey Tu,
apologies for not getting around to commenting on this earlier -
I think "offering" lyrics the way you are intending is a great idea and would eventually be a well-used feature on wikiloops, but there probably needs to be a critical amount of lyrics present before people realize this is cool, and the "lyrics section" would have to be easy to find on wikiloops.

As TG already mentioned in the seperated lyrics thread you started, this really calls for some easy to comprehend but structured way of going about, and I do second the idea that it will be crucial to create links between the lyrics and tracks using these lyrics.

If we are taking this serious, this will require some work on the existing system, which would be too much to start with right away, so I have been thinking on which intermediate solutions we might have.

Let me introduce two ideas:
Option A: You could basicly post a soundless template, meaning, you upload a silent mp3, or one where you just read the text, and add a description stating that these lyrics are up for re-use. People could post remixes to that template, and all would work as expected, BUT this does not cover the case where I'd like to sing your lyrics on some other track on WL.

Option B: We could introduce a seperate Forum area called "Lyrics exchange" (or something like that), in which only lyrics offerings are allowed. This would definetly give the lyrics-project a little more attention.

What I'd definetly recommend is to open a new forum thread for each lyric, idealy named with the song name - that would be much easier to browse than one collected thread which consists out of lyrics and reactions. Once each song has its own thread, one will have a nicer structure of lyrics at the top, and reactions and hopefully remix-links below that. I'd really recommend to continue this way.

Looking foreward to how this develops, and totally open to give it some more exposure if this turns out to be a well-liked feature.
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Dear Dick,
Thanks for your interest in my creative experiment. I think option 'B' would work well.
Maybe call it the 'Lyric library'? I think it would be a lot of fun and very inspirational. I am sure many more will contribute once they see that option.
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