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Lyrics - Seasons Of Our Years

Lyric #1341 by Jane

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Seasons Of Our Years

There were flowers in the Spring time
Growing wild down country lanes
And the rain drops flowing freely
Running soft down window panes
Life was full of expectations
We would live it our own way
Chasing shadows that we dreamed up
As we lived for our todays

There was sunshine in the Summer
Shining clearly in the sky
And the sound of children's laughter
Pure contentment in our eyes
Love was strong then as it should be
We had so much fun to share
Nothing mattered except our love
Hugs and kisses everywhere

Seasons of our years
Are filled with joy and tears
Dreams and hopes abound
As the seasons turn around

Then the leaves fell in the Autumn
And they scattered on the ground
Falling wildly blazing colours
And our love then turned around
Stripped of foliage unattractive
Our lives slowly fell apart
And the frosting on the pavement
Penetrated to our hearts

Footsteps of our lives are all covered now
As Winter snow falls heavy like our tears
Winters' icy chill has covered up our tracks
We've walked on through the seasons of our years

Seasons of our years
Are filled with joy and tears
Dreams and hopes abound
As the seasons turn around
Anon 25th November 2016
Edited by Jane on Januar 07 2017 18:33
Jane Shields
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Dear Jane,
I used your awesome lyrics (slightly shortened and adjusted to the music) in my first remix.

Here is the link:

Best wishes,
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