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Disappearing tracks

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Have just noticed that the count of tracks I've uploaded has changed. I was getting close to 400 (398 or 399?) and now it shows 376. Have 20 odd tracks gone missing? Not sure about how others use this site, but for me it's a primary repository. I don't have all of these saved in any other format. If there are some "stability" or other issues should I be downloading everything and saving it elsewhere?

Of course it would be worthwhile knowing if others are experiencing the same problem. If so, should there be a notice/warning that tracks are disappearing?

I consider this a major problem, so hope that this gets some attention.
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12:40 reading your message
12:41 checking your profile, shows 376 tracks in the user stats
12:43 running database query to count tracks (this would include recently deleted ones), result: 376 tracks
12:45 run same query on an archived database from november 3rd, 373 tracks found in that one, seems fair
12:46 checked database logging track deletions (who deleted what when), no other recent records found than you flagging one of your own tracks

12:48 writng a friendly conclusion statement :

Dear Wade,
You may believe me, I would be very, very alerted to find out tracks were "disappearing" from wikiloops, but after checking, i'm quite sure that is not the case.
There are quite a lot of security measures taken to prevent loss of precious tracks,
one of them being a delay between deletion requests (you or someone else hits the red flag button, leading to the track vanishing on the interface and the stats count) and actual deletion of files or data records.
If files had been reported / deleted, I would find traces of that having happened, and would be able to restore them, but there were no such traces in your case.
As long as data backups are made regularly, wikiloops offers a quite failsafe record keeping that ensures that even in the unlikely event of data loss (think of lightning striking the server) your precious musical history can be restored, maybe missing your most recent track, but not a complete loss.

You ask "should there be a notice that tracks are disappearing",
let me answer that by saying:
Should moderators take down tracks for some reason, you will be informed by PM about that having happened.
I have applied a huge amount of time communicating and informing members whenever tracks needed to be taken down for copyright infringement issues in the past (remember Lairdy?), giving the members ahead-notice so they were able to do backups before the tracks were removed. You may rest assured that there has not been any change to this policy.

13:09 I hope you feel this got the deserved attention :)
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Will reply by PM
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