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Instrument changes after other peoples adds

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User Avatar Mitglied
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Just a quick one, I've noticed a couple of times that I've added drums and percussion to a track, then later when someone else has added to my tree, it changes it from drums and percussion to a sequencer! is this a bug?

Im not sure if it happens all the time, but heres an example :-

#120539 - drums/percussion
#123103 - sequencer



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Hey Paul,
yup, that is a bug it seems... darn.
The fallback to Sequencer is probably totally strange to you, so let me at least give a quick explanation on why that happens:
The sequencer instrument used to be used as the wildcard option to indicate "this track includes more than just one single added instrument", and the option to "declare" which instruments were added in such multiple instrument ads is built on top of that "wildcard" choice.
Obviously, the distinct declaration is not moved onto the remixes correctly, I'll have to check that, thx for the report.
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User Avatar Mitglied
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Great stuff Dick, thanks for the reply!

Fabulous work you are doing here! I work with software myself so spot little things.

Thanks a lot - cheers

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