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Foufou Freeloader

Foufou Freeloader

Lyric #1771 by bluesdog

Tags: Freeloading, Comical, Drinking, False Friends, Funk
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Foufou Freeloader

Hi there
How are doing
What’s your name
Oh okay
Let me introduce myself
I’m Foufou
That’s me
Nice to meet you
Foufou and
I can be your friend -

They say I’m a moocher
I’ m a sponge
I’m a flunky
I’m a scrounger
But don’t you believe
What people say

Hey I like you
You’re cool
So my friend
What do you think
Let's go and have a drink


Yes He’s a scrounger He’s a moocher
he’s a slick and sliptit schmoozer
He’s just everything they say
So if you see him coming
You better run
Run as fast as you can

Buddy you’re cool
Thanks for the martinis
just found another friend
give me your number
I’ll call you tomorrow my friend
and we shall do this again

It's Foufou and
He did it again!

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