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Polarity vs Phase in a mix.

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Heres an article but if I may, ill just sum the whole thing up best i can:

Everyone knows what a phase shifter for guitar is right? If i have a guitar panned left and a duplicate track of that guitar panned right , I can make the left guitar POSITIVE phase and the right one NEGATIVE phase and when we listen back we here a wishy washy classic phase tone depending on our speed , depth...etc.. So you can phase two tracks just like a guitar. This creates a dreamlike effect in the mix depending.


Polarity is NOT phase.

Think of yourself in front of a guitar speaker and a guitar player is jamming. The sound coming at you from the speaker is POSITIVE POLARITY.
Now walk around to the back of the amplifier while hes playing . That is NEGATIVE POLARITY. You hear what hes playing but its moving away from you.

You can make different instruments , different polarities and get very dynamic , interesting mixes. Making a keyboard negative polarity and an acoustic guitar positive polarity , instantly adds tension in a mix.It draws the listener INTO the song.

BUT JOE....how does all this make my life better?
Well think of this....you record two tracks of bass. Make one positive and the other negative. Now you have DEPTH. It basically jumps out when you add a preamp to it as well. The bass is rounder and fuller. Kind of like it sounds in a live room when someones playing.

Its a very powerful tool.

Here is basically an article on Polarity vs Phasing.

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