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Hello From Denmark

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My name is Mougaard ,- im a bass player 50 years old .
I started playing bass about 5 years ago .. I never played an instrument before .
I play the bass in a rockband ,- cover stuff 60´to 80´ ..
And some jazz , country , blues ect. with people who want to play with me.
Im a photographer ,- I have a studio and i like to record live and record video to my youtube channel .
Check it out .

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Hello Torben,

bass player and (hobby-) photographer here as well. Welcome to the loops!

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Hi Mougaard,
Nice video channel you have :) I like the make photo's and video but from nature. Taking photo's of people is nothing for my I play flute only for 4 years now
music is the language all people understand so lets make music instead of war❤
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Hello Mougaard, better late than never :W Welcome to the Loops, I am sure you are going to have a lot of fun here :)
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Welcome !
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nice to have you with us at the loops :)
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