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Noise mastering.

Noise mastering.

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Andri Supporter
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Hi guys.
I have a technical problem Use StudioOne as daw.
Yesterday I recorded a track, the 155442. It sounds pretty good after learning with the advice of the formidable bassist Mario -GlezBass- about mastering.
Today I deleted the drum and bass tracks, so can play more people. The problem is that you hear a noise like "pssssssssssssss" and I do not know how to remove it. I only have the remaining tracks active, without bass or drums. In fact, doing tests until I deleted them, but when generating the wav again you hear the "pssssssssssssssssss".
Thanks for reading me.
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Would that help? You can download Reaplugs which contains Reafir


Im pretty sure that those plugins are free but can also be used on any DAW and not just limited to Reaper! :)

I use Logic Pro X and that has a function called strip silence which removes silent passages. If you record say for example a guitar on a 3 minute track, but only play for 30 seconds off and on, thats a lot of unwanted hum / hiss or "pssssssss" as you say. When I record drums as I do spread over a multitude of microphones, this function helps to create very clean and clear recordings - perhaps other DAWs offer something similar. :)
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great Vid Paul. thats what I do if i have noisy tracks and it does work perfectly thanks for showing. oh,is that you speaking in the video ?:)
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wjl Supporter
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Yes, good video Paul!

@Andri: I'm on Linux where we have Noise Repellent - works exactly like the one in the Reaper video. And its developer said in an interview that he got the idea from iZotope and their spectral denoise tool - so if StudioOne doesn't have any plugin, search for something like that.


Hope that helps,
and cheers,

Edit: last time I looked Reaper was about 60$ or so - that's cheaper than some plugins are. Could be worth it and if it's just for that task... ;)
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Andri Supporter
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Thank you so much guys. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it was stupid.
What happened is that playing with the Daw options I lowered the resolution of the mp3 to 8 bits when exporting the finished song. Already solved. Thank you very much for your help. :)<3
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Andri Supporter
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I take this opportunity to ask if there is a plugin to erase the silences between the notes. I am a guitarist and sometimes the simple touch of the pick between notes makes me use a lot of time to erase the "clicks" when the pick moves between the strings. Thanks so much. :)
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