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Make It Alone

Lyric #2041 by DrStrgeglv

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User Avatar Mitglied
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Make it Alone #156962

Oh you told me
When you rolled me
OOh, I'll never make it alone
Then you showed me
Like you owed me
And it hit me like a bucket of stone
Oh and you didn't need to lie
On my own I surely get by
Feather me down for a softer fall
But it only hides the barrel of salt
Now I was born to live
I made it all by myself
And when I go, you know
I don't need to bother nobody else
But oh...
I'll never make it alone
You told me
You rolled me
I'll never make it alone
You showed me
You mowed me
Oh, I'll never make it alone
So you sold me
Oh you sold me
When you said I'd never make it alone
What is that?
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Thank You for sharing your lyrics I used them on
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