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Tags: Homelessness, despair, loss
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Dorothy Wilson

Aggie and Dolly.

Aggie and Dolly
were daughter and mother.
Wherever one went,
so did the other.

"Here comes Aggie and Dolly",
we used to say.
When they came down our street
one day.

"Poor things,
just take a look !"
As Aggie stooped
to take a cigarette butt
from out of the gutter.

As she began to mutter,
while itching
from head to toe.
Telling whatever
was itching, to go.

Shouting to her daughter,
Dolly, to stop lagging behind.
"Hurry up Dolly,
there's plenty to find."

Clad only in rags,
were the clothes
that they wore.
Picking up morsels
off the floor.

I was about seven,
when I first saw them.
And I'm nearly going on ten,
and they still come
through our street.

Picking up things
for them to eat.
While Aggie still looks
in the gutter.

And you can still hear
her mutter.
As she itches from head to toe.
Telling whatever was itching
to go.

Alas! Poor Aggie,
Dolly's mother has died.
And she alone
came down our street
one day.

But I could still hear her echo,
to this very day.
Shouting to Dolly to say
"Stop lagging behind.
Hurry up Dolly,
there's plenty to find."
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