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Was it a Dream

Lyric #2172 by glennp

Tags: Love. Romance, Fantasy
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I wrote these lyrics for my vocal addition to
template #165409.
You may want to try adding to that one or feel free to find another. I'm looking forward to hearing your songs...

Was It A Dream Lyrics by Glenn Pellito music by Frankiej and Ernie440...

I Feel-Like I'm walking in my sleep
Thoughts of you-Thinking that your sweet

Your smile-your look, its what Ive been looking for
Could this be-what Ive been looking for

Holding your hand-walking down the street
Friendly conversation with all the people we meet

Your gentle touch-your childish laugh
I think to myself-how lucky I am


Is this a dream or is it reality
Am I in a dream or is it reality
I hope my dream becomes reality
I love this dream, I love the reality

Day and night-I want to spend with you
Talking of life-and all the things you want to do
For me there's one-and that's loving you
All I want to do-Spend my time loving you


Dream, Dream, Dream, Dream...
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Thank You for sharing your lyrics I used them on track #166564
Needs Drums, Leads, Keys and what ever you play all adds welcome :D
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thanks to you Glenn : ) i used it on track #169398, it was perfect lyrics for this tune ! hope you'll enjoy
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