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Bluesjamers Storybox

Bluesjamers Storybox

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Back in the early 60s there was a a young artist named Andy Warhol .
Andy was a flamboyant crazy looking dude who like to live in old warehouse around New York.
Now Andy surrounded himself with the kind of people who lived on the outside of mainstream society , Artist, Musicians, Poets and vampires of the night.
He loved to have party's where all these people would come .
These party's use to start late at night and go into the very early hours.
As time passed these party's became the place to go.
So a lot of people use to turn up.
Now one particular night there was a lot of now famous rock stars there , but back then they where not as famous as they would later become.
Andy was always fascinated with musician types .
At the party was a very young David Bowie , Dylan, Lou Read, Jim Morrison, Jagger, and a few others .
Andy got one his assistants, Andy had a lot of assistants for want of better word to gather all these guy together and took them all to one of the many big rooms in the warehouse.
In this room was an old blackboard some chairs and tables .
He sat them all down gave them a pencil a different newspaper or magazine each some pot and some booze .
He told them to look through the magazines etc they each had and circle the lines that they liked or stood out to them and he'd be back in about 30 mins.
When he came back , like a school teacher in class he ask one of them to give him a line they had circled .
He wrote it on the black board and ask another one for a line that rhymed with the one he had .
This went on and soon they had a verse etc.
Andy went on to show them if they carry a note book and write down any good lines you read you hear you see soon you will have a note book full of hook lines .
Hence the name hookline book was born .
Remember , I can't get no satisfaction.
That came from an add that said , just can't get satisfaction.
Or Dylan's song One more cup of coffee .
That came from can I have one more cup of coffee please.
There is an old black n white photo of Dylan sitting in a hotel room on the floor with magazine's all around him banging away on his old type writer.
Bluesjamers Storybox
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Cool story :)
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