Neil Peart

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Neil Peart was my first musical hero (always wanted to be a drummer).

Nice article here as well …

Amazing to think there must have been a lot of bands that *didn't* pick up on his talent....

"He had spent two years living in England before that. We didn’t know this. But he had just moved back home and given up his dream of playing in a rock band. And he was working for his dad’s farm equipment store."
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On a side note about Peart, he was a drummer that was not afraid to use the drum kit with all it's extras. First time I heard him was way back in the early 80s. Thought to myself, who could incorporate the toms as much in a rock song. It takes a lot of expertise to cue off the other instruments. For most drummers, it's more common to use the snare or kick drum. He used the Tom Toms more as a melodic instrument. It would kill me to breakdown the technical aspects in his playing. His use of all other percussive instruments was unheard of for most rock drummers, all the different types of bells and specialized cymbals Etc.

Rush was basically a Rhythm Section with a guitar player,who was no light weight. The most outstanding part about Rush was the tightness of the group. Geddy Lee was the other component of Pearts drumming genius. You've got to have a tight bass player if you're going to have a Rhythm Section. All of Pearts accents we're based off of Geddy Lee. Some might say just the opposite but this is magic of the Rhythm Section. To add, the other 3 piece power band from Canada was Triumph just before them. I always enjoyed them , they set up a lot like Rush in their musical approach.

I didn't keep up much with Rush over the last decade. I was sorry to hear that Peart had passed away.g
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This is a bass and drums only track for Digital Man. I have this on my iphone and listen to it frequently. It's a masterpiece:

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Rush one of my all-time favorite bands. my son and I were able to see the Clockwork Angels Tour not that long ago. so glad that I had the opportunity to see him play. rest in peace Neil
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