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I have an idea, what do you think?

About having a new forum for sharing mini-music lessons, tips, lyric writing, ideas for inspirations and overcoming blocks, arrangement techniques, vocal techniques, and etc.

A forum for sharing ways to improve and grow as musicians in a positive, constructive way, without naming or calling out any one person of course, cuz that's not right.

I thought of this because I heard a story on our police scanner that would make the perfect lyrics for a song! Maybe I can't do that right now, but I thought maybe sharing "Inspirations for songwriting" might help someone else.

.... Last night a girl being chased by the police on the Richmond San Rafael Bridge stopped her car on the bridge and jumped into the water to evade the police (probably at the low part of the bridge, on the San Rafael side) We first heard about it with scanner reports that she was swimming under the bridge, and the police were trying to coordinate her rescue/capture. She made it to the shore near San Quentin (how fitting) and we never heard whether or not the police found her or if she got away! Not sure what she did! I didn't hear that part.

Updated: [url][/url]

That girl needs a song about her!! L O L!


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