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8 minutes of goosebumps

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Man I just listened to this track and I had waves and waves of goosebumps all over my body, starting on about 1 min when John Mayall starts singing with his very distinct voice "Soooo many rouououds" all the way to the end with two great guitarists. I have actually seen John Mayall and Buddy WHittington (the fat guitarist in the video) live in the Albert Hall in 1999, I was amazed how strong his voice was despite him being over 70 at that time!! SO this video brought back memories of that night.

Anyway, if you love the blues, listen to the godfather of British bluest together with Gary Moore and the Bluesbreakers.

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Headphones on, a good drop and your eyes closed and I guarantee you TeeGee, you will not get rid of your goose bumps

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