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[closed] HTML in Private Band Chat

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Getting the following behavior when using the Private Band Chat.

After either party posts their comment (clicks on Shout), about 5-7 seconds later a string of HTML starts to show up in their chat stream (see "Strange HTML String" below) and continues to grow in length until that person clicks on Shout a second time. after which the pattern repeats as long as the page showing the Private Band Chat window is visible (i.e., after switching to the "Manage Band" page and back again, the behavior stops).

---- Strange HTML String ---------
[object HTMLDivElement][object HTMLDivElement][object HTMLDivElement][object HTMLDivElement][object HTMLDivElement][object HTMLDivElement]
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thanks for letting me know, I'll look into that and report back when it's fixed.
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fixed that issue tonight, thanks again for the pointing me at it!
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