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I’m George Townsend from Berlin, Germany. I have both the the German and South African nationality (mother=German, father= South African).
I’ve first picked up sticks in 1994, when I was living my my father (a saxophone playing busker, check him out:
Here’s some drum stuff:
I became interested in handpan in 2006 and was able to buy my first handpan in 2015.
Here’s some handpan stuff:

I’ve got a new track on this website:
Here’s a video of said track:
The idea is leaving earth, going to Mars, new frontiers, venturing into the unknown. Keys, Bass and Guitar(solo, no rhythm) please participate.

George T. attached the following image:

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Hey George ! welcome to wikiloops :) glad to have you here !
clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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and a welcome from me as well GeorgeT, have fun :)
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Welcome at home GeorgeT ! :)
Music knows us...
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