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Wikiloops track #200.000

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:O yes Wikiloops has reached a milestone of 200.000 tracks. This is truly amazing, a monumental achievement by Dick who came up with this idea, and the community of musicians who create original music day after day.

So who is the lucky Loopinian who got that magical #200000 track...? Hmmm? Click it ;)

Actually it is a band project that my merry school of Herrings and I are working on, a follow up on the first one we published a few years ago. The song is published for everyone to listen to, it is not 100% mixed correct but for this great occasion, let's have a listen and give us some feedback, ok? :Z

In a way, private bands were not exactly the core idea of Wikiloops, but since Dick came up with this idea many Loopers used it to create very cool albums for themselves and their followers. Most of the albums on Wikiloops are a careful selection of good songs out of the Wikiloops pool of tracks, but once in a while we get purpose made concept albums such as my Herring King project, ColdPlasma and others.

Working on tracks, refining them, fiddling with mixes is different to jam tracks, they both have their charms for me. I love the simplicity of jamming once or twice on a track und then uploading it, "warts and all", quickly, excitedly, waiting for comments - but I also love working on a track. If a song has 5, 6 instruments, you can bet that there were at least 3 or 4 versions of each, and each one I would have entered into the the DAW, and listened probably a 50-100 times while tweaking it - I would guess that each song I would listen to it a thousand times, and not to speak of my fellow band members who listen to everything too :O Sounds a lot but it's fun :)

I am so happy we got this option on Wikiloops, and if you can go to the Album page and listen to Wikiloops albums, there are really good and much better than commercial radio - and no annoying adverts :)

So, I salute Dick and Wikiloops for reaching this 200K milestone, and all you Loopers who keep creating, and to the Herrings who are swimming with me on this musical journey <3
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Just keep swimming, just keep swimming :D:D heres to the next 200K :o:):D
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Woo Hoo.... If there was a medal for this kinda thing it would definitely go to Richard... I know he knows how much he is appreciated for creating and running this show.... But he can only guess at how much this site has meant to so many of our lives, mine especially.... I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to do what I do on this site.... It's become a godsend to so many of us who have a musical ability, no matter how big or small to fulfill they're dreams musically and create music, purely for the pleasure of it... Thank you Richard :W
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