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Ugly EQ Frequencies

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Quick but great video!
Id like to add cutting 4k to this video. Gets rid of shrill cymbals. 4k also makes ride cymbals tingly tingly.
If you have EQ tips please share.The 3.3 k is new to me and can either be cut or boosted.It really effects vocals.
Acoustic players will want to try the 134 cut. It works great.

Assuming someone reading this has experience with EQ, starting with a Q (The width of the EQ curve that effects the frequencies around it) of 1 and cutting -.5 to -12db gradually while listening is a good place to start.


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That's quite interesting, thanks!!!
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learnt a lot here thanks for sharing.
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Yes thanks for sharing I tried adjusting eq on a boomy old demo and yeah sounds better great share :W
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great info, i need to try this. thanks for sharing <3
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