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experience with a yamaha 01V96VCMi anyone?

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I'm thinking to buy one for road & liverecording use...
does anyone happen to have any experience with this machine?
I'd be interested to learn some about latency issues and PC system requirements... I find it a bit hard to believe they say it will run 16 24bit channels via one USB connection... wondering if that will really work...

thanks for any help!
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Absolument d'accord avec vous, il . Il me semble que c'est une excellente idée . Je suis d'accord avec vous .
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even tho I have a feeling immos comment is in no way in reply to my post, I'd like to close off this topic by teling you I have bought a yamaha 01V96i and it does work as a usb interface quite well, including functions of using it as a controller for cubase, which I really like... doing automatisations with real faders is so much better than having to use a mouse... and its funny to watch em move afterwards :)
this console is great, I love it, live and in the studio...
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