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Jimmy's Place

Jimmy's Place

Lyric #2694 by bassMonkey

Tags: Jazzy, Blues, Bad deeds in a jolly way
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We were downstairs at Jimmy's when it all hit the fan,
There was me and skinny Pete plus two of the Mulligan clan,
Benny blades was there too along with pretty boy Flint,
Oh and that red haired kid, you know, the one with the squint.

There were cards on the table and a boat-load of booze,
And I was packin' pocket rockets so I just couldn't lose,
But then a noise right outside made ol' Jimmy hiss "Quiet!",
Then thirty seconds later we were dancing the riot.

The front door busted open and the five-oh muscled in,
Right then the kid tried to bolt but caught a billy on the chin,
'Course they were lookin' for Jimmy but that's when it got weird,
'Cause Jimmy wasn't there - it's like he'd just disappeared.

They asked us where he was at but, hell, we just didn't know,
It seemed they couldn't find no trace although they searched high and low,
So they just lined us all up and then they shook us all down,
That's when pretty boy and Benny got taken downtown.

They cut the rest of us loose and so me and Pete split,
And we headed on over to Ryan's Bar to chill for a bit,
Pete lit up a smoke and said "D'ya reckon Jimmy did it?",
I said "There ain't no doubt, plus I know where he hid it",

So we both doubled back round when the bars had all closed,
We found it right there under the juke box (just like I'd supposed),
Just a brief note from Jimmy on a small scrap of paper,
"Right idea but too slow boys, I'll catch you all later!"
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