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Legionnaires Toasts

Lyric #2720 by bassMonkey

Tags: Marching, Small amount of Latin, Romans, Too macho for 2021 but OK in historical context
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A moving wall of metal driving through the fields of Gaul,
Unstoppable, invincible and here to claim it all,
Singing songs of triumph to the beat of marching feet,
We'll taste your wine and women but we'll never taste defeat.

The first one's for Rome which we carry in our hearts,
The second is for glory when the thrill of battle starts,
The third's for the brotherhood of other fearless men,
And the fourth is for the lovers we may never see again.

To Mithras and to Caeser and to all the lesser gods,
We honour them for patronage and shortening our odds,
Under the Aquila our Centurions command us,
Letters writ in blood: Senatus Populusque Romanus.


If the fates decree that death is written in our stars,
We'll march on through eternity in comradeship with Mars,
Veni vidi vici before giving up the ghost,
To the heroes of our Legion let us drink another toast.

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