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Ginger the Whinger.

Lyric #2727 by bassMonkey

Tags: Satire, Jolly, Bifurcated Iambic Pentameter, Poppy, Possibly even Eurovision standard
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Ginger the whinger,
Came from a posh home,
Married a showgirl,
From far, far away.
Fairytale wedding,
Fell out with family,
Packed up their bags and,
P*ssed off to L.A.

Ginger the whinger,
Gene pool enigma,
Di was his mother,
But who was his dad?
Probably not Chuck,
Possibly Jimmy,
Never be king though,
So that's not too bad.

Ginger the whinger,
Fathering children,
Giving them weird names,
And thinking it's "cool".
Posting his pictures,
Him and the missus,
See them on Facebook,
Just playing the fool.

Ginger the whinger,
Making new friends now,
They love his money,
They all hate his guts.
Now he's got issues,
Pass him the tissues,
See him on Oprah,
Admitting he's nuts.
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