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Digital Cliping and Mixing

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I found dozens of excellent guitar melodies and drum beats ruined by digital clipping. Is there a place in Wikiloops where members can find basic recording tips?
No matter how good you are mixing, if the source is bad, the whole mix suffers.
Nothing crazy, basic tips and a few wave pictures and tools to help the group and the quality of their music.

Also, it would be incredibly helpful if members were able to add MIDI files.The ability to shape those contributions into sounds more fitting to your mix will exponentially increase.
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Lots of stuff on youtube. We have a few excellent mix engineer types here. Look for the remix sign (mixer sliders) from the last add in line on a track and check to see if you like what they did. If so, you might ask them for assistance.
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Hi and welcome Col.Bassman, good that you're asking :)

The forum you've posted this question to is exactly that - a forum for tips in mixing, mastering, recording and such: https://www.wikiloops.com/forum/viewforum.php?forum_id=8

About clipped and distorted tracks: there's not much you could do with these, except maybe ask the uploader to do it again with a bit less "gain" to it. If a single track is clipped, there's no way to cure that I'm afraid...

About end results during mixing/mastering, and the so -called "loudness war": I've posted articles about that myself already, see for instance the one in https://www.wikiloops.com/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=1993

And about MIDI files: if you're a supporting member you can start band projects to which you can invite other people, and I'm not sure but I think that MIDI files could be exchanged that way - if not, you'd still could ask if people send you some.

Hope that helps?
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