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Shorter Loops electronic Band projects

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Bored loopers,

Electronic musicians interested in collab'ing shorter tracks and one shots? Let's
start a band area or two for uploads of material shorter in duration, less ambitious in scope, but
very inspiring in a more snack sized manner.

Got a hard drive littered with short loops with no place to go? Out of super big ideas?
...interested loopers, message MikeB!
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This idea sounds great to me! We started the idea 30 seconds track festival, very similar (on Waterval). Do you want me to start another edition?. Maybe with new ideas like yours it will be very interesting
This is the link

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I second the Idea;)
I liked when we did the 30 Second Waterval projects, it is a real challenge to make something interesting and unique in only 30 seconds. Then fun to have other players add to it:W
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Yes, that 30 second project is exactly what i'm talking about. The exact length of the project isn't as important, but the description I wrote for [wl]237085[/wl] illustrates my idea. (~1:30).

Why a band area? Well, it's somewhere private you can make a mess and clean it up when you're finished.
Michael Bender
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The idea of ​​30 sec Track Festival excites me.
But a private space retracts me.
It's very heavy for me to decide if I like a track or not.
In a large group we need permissions to post and this is frustrating because sometimes the musician cannot be located and we have to send them emails, etc.
We tag with a hashtag to group all the tracks. #30secTrackFestival was the previous one
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