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Lyric #2872 by bassMonkey

Tags: Lovesong, (yes, really), Way over yonder in a minor key
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Pretty good picture of you by the way,
That I took on the shore of the lake that day,
When the wind caught your hair and the sun lit your eyes like a movie star.
I've carried it with me ever since then,
And I find that I look at it now and again,
So I know that you'll always be with me wherever you are.

Is the story of a life just the tale of the choices we make?

You don't fall in love so it won't hurt you,
Was a line that I used to believe was true,
And then you came along and you blew that away like a hurricane.
Living life upside down gets strange,
But I can't tell you how much I loved that change,
I guess that's just how it feels when you're falling in love again.

Is the story of a life just the tale of the choices we make?
Maybe love is the greatest of all or the biggest mistake.
One day you're so high in the sky then you're flat on the ground,
It's a pretty good way to remind you that love's been around.

Beautiful girl with the emerald eyes,
Who would've thought we could ever devise,
Ways to turn "Can't live without you" into "Don't want to see you again."
Regrets come easy when the night draws in,
All the questions you don't want to ask begin,
And the answers are exactly the same and they're here in a picture frame.
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