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Junk Yard Dog

Junk Yard Dog

Lyric #3007 by bassMonkey

Tags: Bluesy, Rocky, Dogs - some more metaphorical than others
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bassMonkey Supporter
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Joined: 02.12.2020
The trees bend over when the wind blows hard,
But the dogs start barking in the old junk yard,
I got a small piece of destruction,
I bought it from a medicine man,
You'll feel the bite of the dog in the night,
Running just as hard as you can.

We can feel passion and we can feel pain,
Plenty been ventured while nothing been gained,
And now we're all living in boxes,
With money men stealing our dreams,
A life drifting further away each day,
Every bit as bad as it seems.

Online brain poison eating up your mind,
Be a good doggie now, follow behind,
Or dare to bite the hand that feeds you,
Just to get the boot off of your neck,
Watch 'em scatter when they see the next batter,
There's a junk yard dog on the deck.

Strain on the chain for the feel of the choke,
Don't it feel great as the butt of that joke?
You'll hear the laughter fade away though,
On the day that all the dogs break free,
Live on you knees with a master to please,
Or take a chance running with me.
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Ernie440 Supporter
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Sic chopper!! Sic balls! Good dog!!
Great work B.M.! :D:D
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rootshell Supporter
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great writing bassMonkey :W
posted on #4
rootshell Supporter
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Joined: 04.07.2020
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