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Space Cop

Space Cop

Lyric #3109 by bassMonkey

Tags: Sad, Sci Fi, Policework
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Space cop riding a lonely patrol on the planet beat,
Breaking up a drunken brawl in a bar on Mars,
Hearing reports of an incident somewhere on Ganymede,
Thinking about what lies out there beyond the stars.

Space girl sitting alone at a house in the colony,
Doing the insomnia dance with a glass of rum,
Watching the methane clouds drifting in from the frigid sea,
Living in fear of the call that will one day come.

Space cop taking the heat at the heart of the incident,
Nobody mentioned the hostages trapped inside,
Duty was clear when it came to protecting the innocent,
Thats what he did in the moments before he died.

Space girl sitting in black at the front of the funeral,
Hearing about all the bravery over the years,
They gave her a flag folded neatly in to a triangle,
And as she held it they saw it was stained with tears.

Space cop riding a lonely patrol in a coffin pod,
So many years since they blasted him off from Mars,
Space girl whispers a prayer in the ear of a lesser God,
Asking about what lies out there beyond the stars.
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