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Tags: The Girl Who Was Death
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She was standing by the roadside,
Near the bridge outside of town,
Looking sadly up the pathway,
Just as I was walking down.
The moon fell softly on her face,
Serenity and perfect grace,
And our eyes met,
Just for a moment,
It was enough.

Then she beckoned me come with her,
And with no thought of delay,
I followed her onto the bridge,
She stopped about half way.
Just like a shadow from a dream,
She pointed down into the stream,
I saw the corpse,
Just for a second,
It was enough.

I couldn't help but look again,
Asking who this soul might be,
Then the current turned the body,
And I saw that he was me.
The girl held out her pale hand,
So simple now to understand,
I felt my eyes,
There were two coins there,
It was enough.
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axenvocs Supporter
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Nice structure for singing and cool lyric love it added to Nick , Lenny and Ernie's incredible track :o :W
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