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this site is a cool idea! Already some good cats on here I saw.
I hope I can record stuff soon :)

I'm a bassist from germany, although I live in france at the moment.
I started on drums, then guitar, then guitar and singing (horribly, so I quit that) - then I picked up bass.

Bass is my favourite role in a band, and my favourite instrument so far. Been trying to learn it properly for about 2 years now. I played bass before, but just very crudely.

I started with guitar pop, reggeaeske sometimes, we called it indie back in '93. No idea what that meant.
When I got older I got all into grunge/alternative. Then had a few years of a break from music.

Now my musical tastes have changed a lot. I now listen to more varied stuff, try to get into jazz, funk, groovy stuff. I play in a little band and we make some weird bluesy/funky pop. I practice a lot at the moment, my biggest flaw is still not digging enough theory :(

I play flatwound strings on a cheap 50ies stlye precision, and I like the old fashioned bass sound. Simple and pure.

I think this site is a cool idea, I just recently thought "why can't I get some drummer to record me some fine jam tracks" when I got tired of my cheap ass drum machine. Read about this on TB, by the way.
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Welcome to wikiloops makkE!
Hope you get a hookup to digitalize some tascam-recordings soon ;-)
dont give yourself a thumbs down for lacking theory...
(I'd have to, too then ;-)

Have a good time around and greetings to france!
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