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i'm back ….harassing people that is !! ;-)

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hi guys !

i'm new here so i thought i'd introduce myself :

i'm from Portugal, 54 years old & my name is Nuno, i'm an artist/designer/silversmith, an avid motorcyclist & can't imagine my life without music !!

FORTUNATELY am going through some sort of "mid-life crisis" which, among other VERY good things, has brought me back to off-road motorcycling every chance i get AND to play the bass after stopping 20 years ago !..

30 years ago i used to play in a small time but fun band which made up through sheer enthusiasm/contagious live energy what we lacked in musical ability - when we played, EVERYBODY danced !

these 2 got more airplay so if curious, check us here & have a laugh :
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYQJZReY1pM - A side on our single
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8E4iPgfmQI - B side

i played a US made 1978 Fender Precision ( nice bass/tone but weighed a TON..) through a Seymour Duncan 4000 Bass amp + a homemade cab w/ 2 X 15'' EV drivers - that rig pumped out a GINORMOUS SOUND

always had this frustration of knowing i'd never play as "nice" as my favourite bass players, the list being SOO big i'll spare you but trust me when i say all the usual suspects are a part of it...Pastorius, S.Clarke, Hellborg, S.Thunes to name but a few !

so, when the band split - amicably enough to avoid jail time !...LOL… - since there were none of the toys available today that make bass playing alone at home bearable, i sold my bass to a friend & gave him my amp & cab since i thought the rig was too nice to just let it die under a ton of dust : someone might as well enjoy it, you know ?...that was 20 years ago

recently when out on the hills behind my house riding my off-road motorcycle, i stumbled on this group of riders, we got talking & guess what ? yup, some get together a couple of times a week to play & i was invited to drop by...

i did & next thing i know, bitten by the bug again i went bonkers, bought a few ''toys'' & BOOOM !! i'm back into full "annoy the neighbours" mode !!…LOL…
luckily since they all go away for the day & i work at home, i can make all the noise i want until at least 6.30PM - the only limitation being when the furniture starts moving around by itself…

this is my gear :

[img] http://www.flickr.com/photos/13706825@N03/sets/72157634616940511/#[/img]

thanks to this new found joy of playing, YouTube bass lessons, my iMac/GarageBand & my Zoom B3 looping feature, i've got my half assed chops back, actually bettered them SLIGHTLY through sheer stubbornness & I AM HAVING A BALL…
but there's still a LONG WAY to go

finally & to wrap it up, how lucky i was to find this website - this is a FABULOUS IDEA !! & i KNOW i'll have a lot of fun here

my best regards to everyone here & let the fun start ! ;-)
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plenty of time to rest when i'm dead...
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