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Wanna buy a cheap Mic.

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User Avatar Mitglied
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If somebody wanna sell a cheap Mic like a "AT 2020" or an "Studio Projects B1" please pm me.

after I was scammed on Ebay, I am now looking for a new

Greets, Weazle
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User Avatar Mitglied
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Hi Weazle!

I`m also out after a mic but I`m gonna wait and buy a better when I can affor it. I think you should do the same! You only gonna regret it later that you didn`t choosed a better one;)

I have spent some time and been reading some reviews of microphones.
This one says be the best in an area we usual people can buy:D

Have been playing a lot on your shred thing:) I`m maybe upload it when I`m satisfied:)

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User Avatar Mitglied
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My mic is a Shure SM-58, good mic , I got mine for 75 bucks Canadian
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