Merry Christmas

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Hey there, all over the Wikiworld!

I wish you all love a beautiful and peaceful Christmas with yours.

I am since February this year here on this wonderful site and have so many nice people through wikiloops learned. Some privately some do on this page only through their music, comments and small talk in the shoutbox.
From you I have learned so much musically. I thank you all.

But most of all I would like to express my thanks to Dick. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to play together even though we are still partially separated thousands of kilometers. Thank you for the many hours of fun and relaxation that you ermöglichst us.

You dear Richard, I wish you a blessed peaceful Christmas with your family, you are ordering please also many greetings from me.

If all musically creative and above all safe and sound!

Merry Christmas, your Adu. :)

( if it reads strangely, do not laugh, this is my google English;) )


Ich wünsche euch allen eine schöne und besinnliche Weihnachtszeit mit euren lieben.

Ich bin seit Februar diesen Jahres hier auf dieser wundervollen Seite und habe soviele nette Leute durch wikiloops kennen gelernt. Manche privat manche eben nur auf dieser Seite durch ihre Musik, Kommentare und Smalltalk in der Shoutbox.
Von euch habe ich musikalisch sehr viel gelernt. Dafür möchte ich euch allen danken.

Am meisten möchte ich aber Dick meinen Dank aussprechen. Danke, das du uns die Möglichkeit gibst, miteinander zu musizieren obwohl wir doch teilweise tausende Kilometer getrennt sind. Danke für die vielen Stunden Unterhaltung und Entspannung, die du uns ermöglichst.

Dir lieber Richard, wünsche ich ein gesegnetes friedliches Weihnachtsfest mit deiner Familie, der du bitte auch viele Grüße von mir bestellst.

Bleibt alle musikalisch kreativ und vor allem gesund und munter!

Frohe Weihnachten, euer Adu. :)
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Dear all,

I wish you all a Merry Christmas !

i'm on board now since more than one year (in fact 14 months :-) ) and I will thank all of you for your music : I discover new styles.

Dick, thanks for this beautiful site

Merry Christmas, :D:D


P.S : be careful with chocolate :D:D:D:D
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Couldn't have said it better!

My best wishes for all too! And a special thank you for Dick!


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Hi Adu

& my compliments for your message, i couldn't have written it any better !! ;)

As my friend wrote, it's been a little over a year i've been stalking you all, listening to as much as i possibly can, nagging you with my long pesky comments & weird/silly sense of humour & i must admit not only have i got the opportunity to meet wonderful musicians who have taught me so much here but I also had the chance to connect w/ lots of generous people whose friendships i truly hope to develop in the coming future

I'm as in love with Wikiloops today as i was when i first ''discovered it''

A big, big THANK YOU to the WikiMeister himself, Dick - your labour of love brings me so much happiness, each & every day

So, to wrap this up, Merry Xmas to all of you, your families & friends &…. let's TRY to leave some food for 2015 ? Please ?? ;)

Cheers guys

plenty of time to rest when i'm dead...
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I couldn't have written it any better Merry Christmas
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Merry Christmas! :)
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I like the spirit of wikiloops very much !,merry Christmas everyone!
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