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Project: Happy B-daytunes

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hey fellows,heres the idea:

i have been thinking to start a b-daycalendarof wiki members & sending out conratulations by mail.
Now wouldn't it be cool to have a link to a special b-day-session in that mail?
My secondthought was: it would be cool,if there where b-day-songs available in several genres, so one has the choice to hear the b-day-reggae or the b-day-metal-hymn, you know...
if someones up for this crazy project, I think this could be fun :D
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Im up for the metal one... !! Haha !
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To be honest, I don't like birthdays so much, my own one included! :|
I am used to ignore it
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@ Lutz:no problem, we could do a "I hate birthdays" track, too :)

so how are we going about?! shall we take some backings and add b-day-vocals (Snuts??), or should we produce something fresh? Maybe we should start with common chords and lyrics for all versions, so they stay alike while in different styles?! I'm open!
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you got a b-day song and it was for the most important person at wikiloops. If someone will do it, he should do it
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@ mando - i guess not everyone would like to hear a "happy birthday dear dick" on his/her birthday :)

I'll offer to sing, if it aint heavy metal :)
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