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windows10 and nuendo

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Hi all,
so I'm old and don't understand all this technical mumbo jumbo, please bare with me.
I have an old Steinberg CI1, and running an unsupported nuendo 4. in order for it to function properly on windows 8 I had to set up the laptop to read the program as if my operating system was XP.(don't know if I described that well enough) this works perfectly. I can "upgrade" to windows 10 for free, and I'm a sucker for the free part, but I don't know if I can set up the computer to do the same thing as I did before (nuendo & CI1 read in xp)
Since this is really the only "real" reason I have the laptop I am reluctant to make the change. Oh, and I have no money for new hardware software or even underwear.
Any help in this regard would be most welcome (not the underwear part).

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Generally speaking, upgrading to new versions of an OS too soon is not an good idea. There have always been servere compability issues despite what the manufacturer claims. Also new versions tend to make more demands on hardware, so sont be surprised if you find yourself buying a new computer...
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Yes what nilton said is true I got a new laptop it came with windows 8 and I have upgraded it to 10 with no problem. I also have a older Dell laptop and put windows upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10 and had to go back to windows 7 because it ran so slow and my programs couldn't keep up. Windows 10 is great on newer computers. You can try it and always go back to the operating system you have now.
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Not worried about the computer, it did come with windows 8 to begin with, and is reasonably up to date. What I am concerned with is losing the ability to run my ancient Nuendo (Cubase) and Steinberg CI1
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I would hold off. Do you need Windows 10 for other software? Is that why you want to upgrade? Running in compatibility mode isn't ideal and from this list [url=https://www.steinberg.net/nc/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/product-compatibility-info-regarding-microsoft-windows-10.html]Nuendo isn't supported on Windows 10 either although your CI1 is[/url]. According to another article, though, [url=http://www.howtogeek.com/219782/is-windows-10-backwards-compatible-with-your-existing-software/]your current setup should work in 10 if it's working in 8[/url].
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I probably will hold off on it, unless it's automatic while I'm away.
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