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  1. 11. Januar 2023
    Classical jam feat. MaxSirG am Sequenzer Stück # 260463
    Where You Don't Need To Dream
    von MaxSirG
  2. 8. Januar 2023
    Pop jam feat. MaxSirG am Tasten Stück # 260231
    The Tide (remixed)
  3. 8. Januar 2023
    Pop jam feat. MaxSirG am Tasten Stück # 260204
    The Tide


Hello Everyone!
I'm not a pro, just a dabbler. I'm not so good at music, and you can soon realize it.
I like Michel Petrucciani's folk music, Sergej Vasil'evic Rachmaninov's rock, Antônio Carlos Jobim's prog, Bill Evan's funk, Joe Hisaishi's bossa nova, Earth Wind & Fire indie and so on. One day I'll tidy up my record collection.

Kind regards,
Massimo S.

P.S.: you can speak in Italian, in English, in French, in Spanish, in German or in another language, but you express yourself in One Music.


Hammond A-105 console organ w. Leslie 145 tube rotary speaker (both from Seventies), an old Roland steam-working digital piano, synthesizers and some other electronic stuff.
My neighbors are not so pleased.


Very basic: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 + Ableton Live 11 + Eikon CM500 microphone (for Organ+Leslie home recording) and a kind of pc (I don't know what, it has a plenty of keys).


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I supported Wikiloops not for their name, I support it because it was a great idea & is a great way for musicians to jam outside their circles.
Evosaki900 from United States

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