1. Mai 15 2021
    Unplugged jam feat. Remix von wjl am Kontrabass Stück # 217997
    Colours of Marceys, Pat, & Oliv...
  2. Mai 14 2021
    Electronic jam feat. Remix von wjl am Mixer & Bass Stück # 217917
    Why don't you call me?
  3. April 26 2021
    Classical jam feat. Remix von wjl am Mixer & Kontrabass Stück # 216509
    Old soldier



About me? The usual story, bought a guitar to punish my ma... Wink

Bass player in several bands in my youth
first studio recordings around 1976 (aged 19)
dropped it all aged 25 or 26 because it didn't feed anyone, not even myself

didn't make much music for about 35 years or so

got a fretless bass mid 2017
discovered Wikiloops in February 2018, started to support it one month later <3
helped out in an orchestra during autumn/winter 2019
and got my upright in August 2020

also helping out as a photographer / video guy in the high school big band of our daughter ( known here as )
see photos in if you like smile.gif


Squier Vintage Modified Fretless Precision Bass, 2017
Christopher DB202 double (or upright) bass, 2010

recording devices

Røde NT-1A microphone and Shadow 950 piezo pickup for the double bass
Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 (2nd gen) USB audio interface
Debian GNU/Linux 'stable' with real time kernel and with additional KXStudio repositories
Ardour with several free (as in cost and as in freedom) plugins
Reaper (both on Linux and on Windows)
self-built desktop computer with an older i5 processor and 16GB RAM


Februar 18 1957


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gegebene Daumen: 5.400
Kommentare: 5.555
Forum Beiträge: 394
erhaltene Remixe: 251
Aufrufe der Jams:118.263
the stagewjls fans
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