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El Planeta de los Hombres Lobos

El Planeta de los Hombres Lobos
Über dieses Album:
Thanks again to everyone who makes this possible, a better World, a healthier mind, an endless road...

Thanks to Tu, for the voice on the last track, closing a special moment...ivax erstellt von ivax on 09/10/2019

Daumen: 11
Hörer: 287 x

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Fantastic Album! Awesome music.


Review von deezee am 09/11/2019

Thank you for including mine. :)

I Bow before Genuis


Review von Tu am 09/11/2019

Wow! I get to listen to this for free. Thats what makes Wikiloops so great. Quality, orginality and you can hear the talent in the performance. Thanks for including me on this outstanding album. 💕💕💕💕

In the company of excellence


Review von axenvocs am 09/11/2019

When Xavier joins a jam expect a enjoyable experience. And when he creates an album expect musical excellence bravo

Great music with wonderful musicians..


Review von davidaustin am 09/11/2019

Super collection from you Xavi, always a pleasure hearing your guitar, gracias mi amigo.



Review von mrrockero am 09/19/2019

fantastico amigo xavi,gran disco,muy colorido y con tu sello en la guitarra que es inconfundible,siempre para mi es un honor poder participar en sus obras y muchas gracias por considerarme en este trabajo,viva la musica,viva el rock y viva super xavi...
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