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Über dieses Album:
Songs for surfers and those who like surfersDadinator erstellt von Dadinator on 02/23/2018

Daumen: 8
Hörer: 1694 x

WhiteDrum55 eGiL Mikebanez Dadinator adu jmrukkers onorium apsummerlin hartmut ArkRockStudio Pawlik Jolux mpointon GreenDog KMstar Ernie440 BuzzBomber Fabraptor rp3drums Mika Tohve Ivanovitch Gone318 Leftdaloops1019 Wikimark



Review von Jolux am 02/20/2018

It should be written compliments instead of complimentary

I'm tubed...


Review von Jolux am 02/20/2018

Very entertaining compilation. I think you have found a pretty good way to capture the sincerity with a well-flavored dose of humor in word and melody. In addition, it sends out a weird good mood singing you to hear. Thank you so much for your support and the fun we have here. I am very happy to be there. Complimentary to all participating musicians. We will continue to surf good waves

Aussie Icon!


Review von Wade am 02/19/2018

Looks like Byron Bay? Love the humor and punch you deliver.

Great Album


Review von ArkRockStudio am 02/19/2018

Great collection of awesome tunes Dad n' Ate Er.

You are the Spice


Review von Mikebanez am 02/19/2018

Variety is the Spice of life. you have quite the variety and styles. Keep up the great work my friend. thank you for having me on "SURF"


Review von BuzzBomber am 02/23/2018

Great and quirky collection! I will be listening to this many times. If you like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing you will like! I know I do. Dad in at or is at his best, and the other musicians kick butt. Rock on!

Surfs up!


Review von KMstar am 02/23/2018

Great collection of songs and musicians!
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