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Development Credits

This is where we would like to introduce the team and some notable contributers to the wikiloops project:

The founder

Richard Kaiser, Germany
Richard sat down some winter night in 2010 and started to learn how to code php, initially to organize his own homerecorded drumloops in a way that would be fun to browse while practising.
To demonstrate the idea of wikiloops, the multi-instrumentalist created a handfull of characters on wikiloops, each representing a certain instrument - while he is most commonly know as "Dick" the bassplayer, one can find his drum tracks listed by "Baer", and some more by Fred, Rich and the infamous MrSnuts.
Richard takes care of all programming aspects of wikiloops, the legal matters, server maintenance, user support, funding & sponsoring, volonteer coordination and community development on wikiloops.
Besides working on wikiloops, he is currently working as a freelance sound engineer.
Check out Richards Blog on developing wikiloops, and feel free to contact rkaiser [at] wikiloops.com if you would like to get in touch!

Our Moderators

OliVBee "Monsieur Clusters" from Paris, France
Olivier is known for being a mix & recording genius and a great guitar player just as well. He has been moderating on wikiloops since 2013 and deserves some major credit for the french translation of wikiloops.

TeeGee from Germany
TeeGee, was born in Israel and likes to claim no one is able to pronounce his real first name.
He is a self taught guitar player with a notorious preferrence for Stratocasters and for celebrating fridays on the wikiloops shoutbox.

jmrukkers from Switzerland
Joe is a friend of playing hammond sounds, saxophones and his three-stringed cigar-box-guitar
The born dutchman holds the record in sending in precise and detailed bug reports which have helped spot code problems in a very short timeframe quite often.

DannyK from California, USA

Danny -who reffers to himself as a hobbyist musician- joined the moderation team in 2017.
He plays acoustic guitars, electric basses and likes to sing a little, too.

Shi from England
Shi isn't just a remarkable voice and notorious song scribbler - she also likes to be the secret host of the wikiloops shoutbox. Many members have experienced a friendly greeting from her, and she always has exactly what you need on her virtual tea trolley... thanks for that, Shi!

Lutz from somewhere in the south of France
Lutz was among the first hundred musicians to join wikiloops in 2011,
and has been a valued part of the wikiloops core team ever since.
His view on things, encouragement and feedback has been involved in nearly all of the wikiloops projects decision taking.
Lutz plays the Saxophone & acoustic Guitar quite beautifully.

The translators

jstef from Milano, Italy
A loud "Grazie mille!" (with wild gestures) goes out to Stefano for translating the wikiloops interface to italian in early 2015.

nuno1959 from Portugal
From what we know, Nuno loves loud bassplaying, food, motorcycling and wikiloops. When sitting at home recovering from an accident, Nuno got so bored he translated wikiloops to portuguese. Thanks for that!

Frederico, Leonardo, Brittany, Javier & woXey from Spain, the United States & Argentina
All contributed to the spanish interface translation on the way - muchas gracias!

gerodoth from Stalingrad, Russia

Ivan offered to help make a long-lasting dream come true by translating the wikiloops interface to russian. As someone who witnessed the end of the cold war when germany was re-united, Dick always had a special interest to let americans and russians jam together on wikiloops, so in a great effort Ivan contributed the needed translation. Handling the different grammar and kyrillic typeset turned out to be quite an extra challenge on the coding end, so here is a huge thank you for all the help and time spent guiding Dick thru this process.

BETA-test task force & community gems

Mandolodda from Germany
Lothar knew about Dicks idea to create this place even before it had the name wikiloops, and was among the few people who tested the plattform prior to its release on april 1st 2011. It takes some nerve to make any possible mistake on a halfways working website, just to find out if that is possible to do :) Thanks for that!

Dominik & Machete from Germany
These two also need to be mentioned here, for Dominik supplied some of the nicest jam-along guitar tracks, while Machete did a lot of spellchecking & corrections on the very first wikiloops interface.
The two got married some time later...

Erika & Michael from Germany
Now, this one goes out to Dicks parents, who have supported the wikiloops project all the way. No way to have a great wikiloops member meeting in Urft and no birthday cake on the wikiloops anniversaries without these two :)

Wade from New Zealand
Wade can truly be called a cosmopolitan, who has seen quite a lot of this planet. He resides somewhere in NZ if he is not causing trouble somewere else, plays the Saxophone and gave us a reason to hold the first wikiloops member meeting in 2014. Wade has been taking part in the "inner circle" planning and discussion group, adding thought and good advice.

@Freshfunk from Germany
credit goes to @Freshfunk for thinking along on the technical side of wikiloops and sending in a lot of valuable feedback to improve the site and its functions.
He does play some wicked guitar, too.

Kimbo from Cornwall
Kim definetly deserves a mention here for cooking deliciously during the wikimeets 2014 & 2015 - come back soon, mate!

Uloisius from Germany
Uli invested a huge amount of time into optimizing the wikiloops radio feature in early 2015.
Thanks for many constructive telephone conferences with Dick on the topic of "how to pick a good track by algorythm"!

Hurzel from Germany
Benjamin does not only play the piano in an amazing way, he also seems to be quite well trained in things information management... a rather quick look into the wikiloops codebase in late 2014 resulted in enough hints and improvement tips towards Dick to reduce the server load by remarkable percentages.

Zac from Boston, USA
Zac has pointed Dick towards several issues one experiences when browsing wikiloops with a screen reading device in the past years. Thanks for helping to improve wikiloops, so it can be navigated in such a scenario!

earlsteven from Germany
Last, but not least, thanks go out to Dicks friend Stephan, who celebrated the idea to name this place wikiloops in such a strong way that this decision was easy :)

This list is far from being complete... the history of wikiloops is full of people who were willing to help, invest time and expertise and who have somehow turned this project into what it is today. Thanks to anyone who lent a hand creating wikiloops.

an dieser Stelle möchten wir einen besonderen Dank an die aussprechen, ohne deren Zutun es wikiloops nicht geben würde.

Da sind einmal die open-source-software-schmieden zu nennen:
PHP-Fusion - deren Nutzerverwaltungs, Kommentar- und Mailfunktionen hier verwendet werden
jplayer von happyworm - dieser open-source Player bringt den Sound auf wikiloops zum klingen
Piwik - eine datenschutzkonforme open-source Nutzeranalyse-Software, die nicht von Google stammt ;-)
wikiloops nutzt die GeoLite2 Datenbanken von MaxMind, erhälltlich auf http://www.maxmind.com.
File-uploads auf wikiloops werden gehändelt von blueimps Jquery-File-Upload (MIT licensed).
Die Bilder-Slideshows nutzen Steven Wanderskis bxslider.
wavesurfer.js - die Wellenformen auf wikiloops werden mit einer modifizierten Version von
wavesurfer.js (katspaugh) / CC BY 3.0 erstellt

Großer Respekt gillt den Internetseiten, die das erlernen von Programmiersprachen kostenlos ermöglichen. Für die beantwortung von unendlich vielen Fragen danken wir:

stackoverflow.com - das WIKI für alle php und javascript Fragen
PHP-Einfach - Danke für die kostenlosen Basics in .php und SQL!

Dick dankt den open-source Entwicklern, deren Softwares beim Entwickeln von wikiloops gute Dienste geleistet haben
Danke, dass ihr die Kreativen Köpfe dieser Welt unterstützt, ohne Abzocke.

Alleycode - für den augenschonenden freeware Code-Editor
GIMP - für ein komplett kostenloses Grafikprogramm, das alles kann, was man braucht. Für lau. Danke an die, die da stundenlang dran gebastelt haben, super Job, Jungs & Mädels!

weiterer Dank gebührt dem Beta-Test-Team, für die guten Anregungen, die Musik und die Geduld

Dominik - für die vielen konstruktiven Überlegungen, gediegenen Jams und entspannenden Bläser-Sessions zu wikiloops-Jams in der Testphase
Elena - für die Hilfe bei der Textüberarbeitung
Lothar - für die moralische Unterstützung und die Chaos-Stresstests nach 23 Uhr
Stefan - für die Begeisterung bei der Auswahl des Namens für wikiloops
OliVBee - für die endlosen Beta Tests, Übersetzungsarbeit und Anregungen
Lutz - für gutes Augenmaß und Feedback zur Entwicklung der wikiloops Nutzergemeinde
Wade - für offene Worte zum Thema Funding
@Freshfunk - für alles, was mit Linux zu tun hat und nach vorne denkt
... und natürlich ein großes Dankeschön an die Mitglieder des "inner circle", einer Gruppe von wikiloops Nutzern, die uns bei unserem Versuch beraten, wikiloops zu einer der besten Adressen für Musiker im Internet zu entwickeln.
zu guter Letzt ein großes Dankeschön
an Dicks Freunde, Familie und Baer, die dieses Projekt sehr unterstützt haben!

Unserer besonderer Dank gilt all jenen, die wikiloops.com mit einer Spende unterstützt haben:

Major 3rd
Major 3rd

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