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Thought I'd post an update on where I've disappeared to. The Pink Floyd tribute band I'm in has kept me very, very busy! Not only am I drumming for them but I've ended up being the person to sort out the keyboard player's laptop which is running Gig Performer for all the synth patches. These consist of all the Arturia and Roland vintage synth VSTs in order to authentically program all the keyboard sounds! Hard work but it helps we have a technical guy who used to work for Pink Floyd so he has the inside knowledge!

On top of that, I seem to be the sound and mixing engineer doing all the live audio rigs. It's a lot of work.

We had a production rehearsal last Sunday - 9 hours of it! - to test out all the kit and I took full multi-track live recordings at the same time. Lots of work but here's a couple of snippets. At least it's sounding great (to me at least!).

I'm utterly enjoying this band but it's very, very hard work!

An excerpt from Any Colour You Like:

Another from Echoes:

I will get posting more music here when I get a bit more time! See you on the Loops!
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