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Keep spinning 2022 and beyond - a private moment at the barnadise

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whoa, I'm doing this :)

You know, I happen to be the host of this party here at wikiloops,
and while some of you have had a chance to meet me in person at some past wikiloops meeting,
there are probably a lot of people on wikiloops who are not aware I do make any music,
as I have not really participated in any collaborations on wikiloops for some time.

After writing the last developers blog entry about a week ago,
in which I mused a bit about the power of making music and how I'm currently enjoying some private hausmusik with my two year old son, I felt like capturing some of this,
and here I am sharing the result with you,
hoping it will make you feel as good as the captured moment felt to us.

Before you dive in, let me tell you two things:
What you are about to see there is not intended as any kind of performance,
my son just asked "Could we do 'you drum, I spin' ? ", which he frequently asks lately, so I just asked him if we should do that in our barn and take the camera along.
So, this is more of a 10-minute percussion impro plus some love - I didn't even have a bassdrum pedal on that set, and it's the cameras onboard mic, so don't expect any film production magic here.

Once I am at it, let me add some more personal remarks, as it is the end of 2022 and we are virtually sharing this moment here, listening.
Thanks for taking the moment, time is a scarce resource, so I honestly do appreciate it.

Here I sit, the "Zuckerberg of wikiloops", waving at "his" community at the end of the year. quite weird.
What I would like to get of my chest is this:
I would like to apologize for a few things which I feel weren't great towards wikiloops. I am quite aware that - from the wikiloops users point of view - it may have looked as if I had given up on doing things like wikiloops meetings (the last one was 2018... darn), quite a lot of messages aimed at my inbox remained unanswered in the past two years (I am sorry), and yes, I have neither been able to present the wikiloops app I started coding in 2021,
nor have I finished the announced migration of the wikiloops servers. Thinking about it, I need to add the still missing transparency report on 2021 to that list of not-so-great things.
Take my apology for that, I just didn't make it happen, that's the truth.

Instead I focused on getting our family home into good shape (check out some images of the barn-to-barnadise conversion project on my profile if you like), getting back into some ordered 9-5 day job to pay the bills and spending time with the little one. Maybe you can estimate my amount of thankfulness towards the volunteer moderators on wikiloops who really kept the project in shape while I was more or less off to other things. I just hope they are aware I am aware ... thanks folks, you know who you are.

I am not going to offer any new years resolutions which may turn out hard to keep, but at the same time,
I feel quite positive things concerning wikiloops will change to the better in 2023.
To reveal as much: For the first time in wikiloops history, I am currently collaborating with someone on the actual code of wikiloops (something that was completely reserved to me before), and we have spent loads of hours the past three months restructuring the code base to make it easier to maintain in the future, preparing the project for future updates.
Just take this bit of information and above video as signals of "look, the fire is still burning on the loops" :)

Thank you.
For reading this, for sharing the moment, for understanding, for the music, for the financial support to keep the servers bills paid despite the ever growing archive size of wikiloops.

Have a happy start into a good year 2023

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that video is so lovely :) thanks so much for sharing it Richard. A sweet moment.My thanks and sending my Best Wishes to you and your family for all good things in 2023 :)
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Great video. Seems like he's found what he wants to do and it's all connected to music, rhythm and love. :)

Thanks for wikiloops, Richard, you are wonderful positive influence on us all as well as your son. <3

Best wishes to you and all you love. Onwards and upwards and round and around :Y
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Woow nice dance and he keeps on going wonderd if he didn't get dizzy:) Like the shoes fit well by the green light.
Nice to see you have fun together. Did a little dance video my self maybe he likes it
Happy new year to all of you.

music is the language all people understand so lets make music instead of war❤
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Adorable :)
Happy New Year! Richard and family.
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Schön zu sehen das es euch gut geht. Der Nachwuchs wächst und gedeiht prächtig, sehr gut! Ein friedliches und gesundes neues Jahr wünschen Euch allen , Andreas und Monika ! ;)
Rockin´ in a free world !
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Lovely & adorable like others said already :) All the best to you and to yours for 2023 :)
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"Zuckerberg of wikiloops" - that's brilliant. All the best for 2023 Richard.
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Lovely video Richard :)
I read your post, and I unterstand where you are coming from - but in my yes you don't need to apologize as the promises you made were to yourself mainly, no? ;). For me/us the only thing that really mattered was the promise that you will keep Wikiloops going if possible, and that you did, didn't you? Plus you fixed a huge amount of bugs this year. So no need for bad feelings, on the contrary - we thank you for keeping it running for another year, and any changes or upgrades are a bonus. Take care and just good things for 2023 <3
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First off, great video! Good to see you back on the drums :)

Secondly, you have little, if anything to be apologising for. You had to take a decision to withdraw from full-time Wikiloops support for obvious economic reasons - a decision practically anyone has to make to stay afloat. Loving a website doesn't pay for it, sadly. Given how 'hands-off' you say you've been, I'd take it as a compliment that Wikiloops has run so effortlessly and reliably and for so long on its current codebase - testament to good quality, well-written code in my opinion. Of course it has its quirks and irritations - every site does - but its core function of music has carried on. Be proud of what you built, no matter what improvements you or others feel must be made.

Nevertheless, I look forward to the improvements that will come through in the future. Wikiloops remains the best collaboration site out there by a huge margin. Not because of its features but because of its continued dedication to a single cause: bringing and enabling people worldwide to just make music.
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Such a truly tender, magical moment with the 2 of you.
What a sweet collaboration.
Thank you for sharing your Joy Boy with us, Richard.
I love him!
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How sweet! A dervish in the making?
You're only as old as you smell
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