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The Watchlists special function

The Watchlists special function

Following up on remixes as they are added with the Watchlist

The "Watchlist" is a special kind of wikiloops playlist, which require a user account to be available to you.
The watchlist can be found among your playlists on your wikiloops user profile, and tracks may be added to by choosing the "Watchlist"-option from the "Add to..."-drop-down menu offered below the audio player of any wikiloops track.

The watchlists significant difference to standard playlists is that it will watch out for the future evolution of the collaborations, and it will send you a notification to the newsfeed on your user profile when one of the tracks receives a remix.

Whenever you spot a track and feel like: "Wow, this could be interesting for me once there is more instruments", add that track to your watchlist and it will let you know whenever that happens.
The watchout-radar of the watchlist only reaches one remix level deep, so, if you like a remix which you have been notified about by the watchlist, also add that remix to your watchlist to be sure to get to hear any further additions.
To understand the behaviour described in the previous sentence, you might want to get familiar with the wikiloops remix ordering system and the concept of different remix steps.

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