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Report a bug or technical problem

Report a bug or technical problem

Reporting technical problems & getting support

The wikiloops forum offers a special board designated for members reporting bugs, translation mistakes and technical problems.
A direct link to the board is offered below this article.

By visiting the board, you may find out if the problem you are experiencing might have been already reported by someone else and if there is feedback offered on how to solve the issue.
If you cannot find a thread which seems related to your issue, please open a new one.

The "ideal bug report" should include:
- the browser you are using when experiencing the problem (Chrome, FireFox, Opera, InternetExplorer...)
- the operating system you are working with (windows, Linux, android, iOS...)
- the bugged pages web-address
- a copy of any error messages you may have seen, or a screenshot of the bugged page

Thank you very much for pointing us at things we can improve, we will reply to your report and fix the issue as soon as possible.

Click here to visit the bug report forum

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